T-shirts R U, call it what you will


No apologies necessary from the scribes if you detect a similarity or familiarity with the way these opening lines have turned out.  One of the most regularly worn items of clothing for any human being, young or old, is the T-shirt. In some countries where they speak your language too, they like to refer to it as the sweater.

Where you are right now, the sweater is, in actual fact, a jersey to them. The thing about wearing a sweater or t-shirt is that it’s really comfy. It’s so comfy that even the person not wearing it but looking directly at and interacting with the person that is wearing it, ends up feeling quite relaxed as well.

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T-shirts feel even greater on the skin when they’re fabricated from fine materials like cotton. But even so, a gentle wash is still advised. You wear the Tee so regularly; it could easily be worn out to shreds. And that’s usually the case when you’re wearing your favorite. It gets washed out over and over again so many times. This calls for a suggestion. How about keeping a collection? Keep a full collection of your favorite custom t-shirts new minas ns can designs.

And speaking of designs, let’s talk about that for a little bit. Many folks, you might be among them, love wearing iconic brands. It rings some bells for them. It strikes a chord. It can even tug at the heartstrings. Take the rare panda bear, for instance. You might associate it with nature conservation, or maybe you just love bears. There you go. But of course, you can design your own brand too. This is not a bad idea when you think about it. Like using it to broadcast your company’s identity.